At least this couple isn't the only one to drop their cake, keep scrolling to see what we mean. And sometimes, people act more than a little crazy, and out of character, when they've had a lot to drink, or even when they're just going out to party! The once-revered politician was primed for a comeback until it was revealed that he was up to old tricks under the username Carlos Danger. Awkward Family Photos According to Awkward Family Photos, this family didn't want to take the same boring, posed shots that everyone else was taking, so they thought outside the box a bit. What Does Cocktail Attire Dress Code Mean? 5. In combination with beautiful lingerie, it helps create one of the most popular boudoir photo ideas, which can not be turned into dirty wedding photography. This worst part about this photo existing is that it's going to be used at this kid's wedding. Bathing beauties. How do you shoot the process to convey it? Signs with letters would look more appropriate for the occasion. Wellshe is a heavy drinker, showing her guests how its done! Close Those Legs Girl. Hey, but at least they know how to swim, right? 7. What Does Capsule Wardrobe Mean? Maybe only now, when such people are young and ambitious, they like such images, but when they become adults, they will feel very shamefully and outrageous to show somebody their funny wedding photos. This picture really has everything in it, though we can't help but look at anything other than Maddy as she makes her way out of the water. Both girls dont seem to bothered so its safe to say that this was indeed a fail and not a purposely taken photo. But on the other hand, you may feel sorry for a bride and a groom who just wanted a beautiful image with their friends but fell into the water and spoilt their clothes. I wonder if this is a picture she's always dreamed of taking. We used to think that animals are the best human`s friends and we do like to take photos with our funny pets or we go with pleasure to the zoo and take images with zebras and lions. If it wasnt for the paper roll and the abnormally luxurious looking toilet then that would be a very good photo. Next time either dont take a selfie near your friend who is clearly having a bad day or just be careful to not get her in the picture. Like who does that, dont they have a little respect for the deceased and theirfamily? Don't insult other visitors. FunnyJunk . on. 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Seagulls aren't afraid of a little competition at the beach There's nothing like being a part of a wedding when it's not even your ceremony. 24 Beautiful Bikini Beach Shot FAILS! To design your own enamel pin, redraw the photo or add items such as your couples names and a nice wedding wish and you can wear the pin at family gatherings, honeymoons, anniversaries and more. The throwing of the bouquet is a time honored tradition just like boxing. 1. Seems like this is one of the most popular wedding photography poses. We find it kind of ironic when celebrities oftentimes complain about their privacy, then turn around and share way too much about themselves -- be it on Twitter, in talk-show interviews, or by "forgetting . Help the child, you psychotic woman! The best way to keep your funny wedding photos forever is to make them something you can see or wear every day. tumblr . 1) Bad Santa just got caught looking. The Russian wedding traditions might lead to the outcome of these hilariously funny pictures, as the celebration involves indecent amounts of Vodka, foods, and dancing that might last up until a week. Maybe that girl ate something so spicy she simply couldn't wait even for a couple of seconds before getting in the shot. Take a look at these 12 embarrassing pictures to see what we mean! I dont know about you but when I was still a baby my mom wouldnt take a picture in the bathroom with me in the background. And now we have Tania, the first Italian female diver to win a medal in a World Championship. Some couples totally embrace these programs and go all the way overboard when it comes to showing how much they love each other. But the man resting there added something unique to this photograph. 6. Looking for more funny outfits? 100 percent.